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Ai to Heiwa

Love and Peace

23 May 1984
Hi, My name is Heather otherwise known as Michiru I am a 27 years old. I love J rock! But the best is Pierrot and I bet many others can agree with me on that one.. I am in school and learning Japanese and I like to Draw , sing, watch anime, Play DDR. I also Like Sarah McLachlan. ::Drools:: Sushi and CHAI... I miss the good old days with CHAI.. Very wierd little girl with too many problems... And this journal is where I take it all out.. I also am a mother of an awesome little 6 year old. She is my world right now.

My journal is Now A Friends only Journal!! Over the whole Past crap and All I m not really happy with the fact I cant write in it without getting Crucified... So If you can read it you are so priveleged..
acid rain, agitator, anime, anne rice novels, asian culture, asian food, asian pride, aya, aya fujimiya, aya matsuura, ayashi no ceres, bjork, black, bondage, boots, cats, cha su bau, chihaya, china town, chobits, chocolate, coming out, corsets, cosplay, crimson red, d and d, dance dance revolution, ddr, di gi charat, dice, drawing, drinking games, dungeons and dragons, dyke, earthian, edward elric, excel saga, feminism, femme, foamy, friends, full metal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gackt, geisha, glay, goth, happy lesson, hen, hiragana, his and her circumstances, hisashi, hyde, id attack, interview with the vampire, inu yasha, inu yasha., inuyasha, j rock, j-pop, j-rock, japanese, japanese animation, japanese culture, japanese girls, jpop, jrock, jun, kagrra, kanji, kansai accents, katakana, kirito, koyasu takehito, l'arc~en~ciel, larc en ciel, lesbian, live action sailor moon, love and peace, luna sea, mana, maria sama ga miteru, megatokyo, miyavi, miyuki chan in wonderland, moon child, mp3s, music, neo gurotesuku, omi, omi tsukiyono, orchids, pierrot, pin-up girls, plaid, pokemon, queen of the damned, quesadillas, rainbow, red, rhode island, ribbon birds, role playing, sailor fukus, sailor moon, sake, sanrio, sarah mclachlan, seiyuu, shazna, shoujo, shoujo ai, singing, soy milk, stickhyde, sushi, tatu, the yellow monkey, tokyo babylon, tori amos, tri-m, upper flower, vampire princess miyu, vampires, velvet underworld, visual kei, weiss, weiss concerts, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, white rice, white wolf, writing music, writing poetry, x japan, x-japan, x/1999, yami no matsuei, yoga, yoshiki, youji, youji kudou, yuri


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